Construction Projects Underway!

  • In November of 2014, our community generously passed two bond measures, Measures E and U to upgrade our school facilities. Since the election, we have been working diligently on these upgrade projects and construction is now underway at Truckee High School, Tahoe Lake Elementary,  and Donner Trail.

    More information on Measures E and U and all of our upgrade projects can be found here


  • November 15, 2017

    TTUSD saves taxpayers over $120 million in tax payments!

    TTUSD has phenomenal news we'd like to share with our community. We recently sold the final series of bonds under both Measure U and Measure E, which were approved by voters in November 2014. The District was able to make these two final bond issues several years earlier than planned in a competitive bidding process. By selling the bonds earlier, we will be saving taxpayers a total of $122.7 million in tax payments versus our initial conservative projections.

    The competitive bidding process included a combined 16 bids for the two financings and TTUSD awarded the bonds to the two lowest cost bids. The bonds were sold for $40 million and $12.5 million for Measure U and Measure E, respectively. According to Chris Hiatt and Chet Wang from Keygent, the District’s financial advisor, the bid results were very strong: “In 2015, the District only received six total bids for the first issuances under Measures U and E. We are very pleased with today’s extremely competitive bidding process. It’s a testament to the District’s strong credit ratings, management, and the timing of the bond sales.”


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  • Exploring Alternative Start Times for Middle and High Schools

    Over the past several years, we have looked into changing the school start times across our district, particularly at our middle and high schools. Our evaluation approach was a collaborative one, soliciting a wide range of input on the topic, evaluating how a change would work, and identifying any potential downsides or ramifications.

    Our Board of Education reviewed the work and recommendation from a committee of teachers, administrators, principals, and union representatives. We also solicited input from students and parents and were surprised to hear mixed responses from our high school students. While most liked the idea of starting a little later, many didn’t like the idea of getting out later and some didn’t realize that if they started school later, they’d get out later!

    As we explored changing our start times, we found that starting and ending school later at the secondary level would have a significant impact on our budget. In order to successfully implement a change in our schools’ start times, we’d have to add a significant number of additional bus routes, buses, and drivers. The cost is in excess of $1 million. Due to budget constraints, it is not financially viable or feasible at this time for us to do so. Our issues were also reflected at the state level when a bill mandating later starts failed in large numbers in the legislature. 

    We also found that school activities, including team sports, which are very important to many students and their families, would be significantly impacted. 

    We are very aware of what the research shows as the benefits of a later start time for our youth. We will continue to look at ways to make a change possible but it will take more planning for funding and implementation. 

    Please stay tuned for more updates as we continue to pursue this important issue. 

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  • Agenda for upcoming board meeting

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