Attendance Information


    To Excuse an Absence: A parent or guardian should call the attendance office at 581-7000 as soon as possible on the day of the absence.  Students may also be excused by bringing a note to the Attendance Office immediately following an absence.  Students may use the attendance phone during brunch and lunch only to contact a parent to clear an absence if necessary.  Students should not expect to use class time to clear an absence. 

    Late Arrival/Early Dismissal: For late arrivals or early dismissals from school, please call the attendance office at 581-7000.  Students may also be excused by bringing a note to the Attendance Office.

    Students who write their own notes to excuse themselves must be 18 with a signed waiver on record with the attendance secretary.  This privilege may be revoked by administration if it is abused.  There is a 24-hour recording period before the waiver goes into effect.

    Students with an unexcused absence from school may not attend any school-sponsored function (including athletic practices and games) the day of or weekend following the absence (if absence occurs on a Friday).  Students with an excused absence must attend at least 50% of the school day and have the rest of the day excused to participate or attend any school event on the day of or the weekend following (if the absence occurs on a Friday) an absence.

    Excused Absences: Illness, death in the family, medical appointments, appearance in court, observance of religious holiday, or school related activity, such as athletic event or field trip as defined in the Ed. Code are excused absences. The parent or guardian may request homework and classwork. Students should have no more than 10 excused absences for the school year.

    UNEXCUSED Absences/Truancy: Absences unauthorized by parent or school, or unauthorized departures from classes. Habitual truants will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) and assigned school consequences. Students over 18 with chronic truancy issues may be required to attend school elsewhere.

    SUSPENSION Absences:  Absences authorized by the school administration. Students may be able to make up work as determined by each individual teacher.



    When a student misses one or more periods of class a day, parents will be notified by phone unless the absence has already been excused. 



    Any student who is not in their assigned seat when the final bell rings is tardy and MUST have a note from another teacher, administrator or classified staff member for it to be considered excused.  Any student arriving after 10 minutes into his/her first period of the day or has missed 1 or more periods MUST check into the attendance office prior to reporting to class.  Students who are late to class by fifteen minutes or more will be considered truant in that class.

    Unexcused Tardies:  When students are habitually late to class, the following consequences will be implemented:           

    3rd-4th Tardy

    Teacher  Warning

    5th – 10th Tardy

    1 Hour After School Detention (assigned by teacher)

    11th Tardy

    2 periods alternative placement including loss of free time

    Subsequent Tardies

    SARB Referral and additional detention and/or suspension.  Any 20 tardies over all will result in a SARB referral.