• What is Athlete Committed?
    The Athlete Committed campaign is about providing support to athletes, coaches, and parents. This campaign urges athletes to renew their commitment to living a life of excellence! This is a commitment of personal responsibility  -to never lose their focus and to never compromise on their values.

    It is not just that you put on a uniform, or show up every day at practice or the games....You are an athlete all the time, on and off the field of play. You represent your family, your community, your school, your teammates, your coach, and yourself.

    What are you willing to give? What are you willing to give up?  All things of value come at a price...Are you willing to pay the price to BE YOUR BEST?

    In the California Healthy Kids Survey in 2014-2015:

    79% of TTUSD athletes report that athletes use alcohol or drugs during their sports season.
    52% of TTUSD athletes report that it is difficult to find parties in the area where drugs/alcohol are not available.
    77% of TTUSD athletes report that there are negative effects on team morale when athletes on their team use alcohol or drugs.
    54.8% of athletes who drink alcohol suffer from an injury - compared to 28.3% of non-drinkers.

    ONE NIGHT of drinking can erase 2 weeks of athletic training.


      The Athlete Committed Code:

    Loyalty to School, Team, & Teammates

    Serve with Honor & Integrity On & Off the Field

    Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Will Never Quit

    Take Responsibility for Your Actions & the Actions of Your Teammates

    Excel as Athletes through Discipline and Hard Work

    Train for Competition & Fight to Win!