Flyer Application Process

  • 2018-2019 Flyer Application October 1 - May 31

    Annual Flyer Application Process October 1 - May 31 
    Submissions: or Fax (530) 582-7606
    Questions: or (530) 582-2580 

    All offerings must be approved by the Superintendent Chief Learning Officer.  We receive many requests and strive to ensure that requests are related to direct programs, activities or services for children.  Commercial offerings and fundraising events (non-profits included) will not be approved for distribution. However, they "may" be approved for posting at school sites provided they are related to direct programs, activities, and services for children.

    • Please review the application guidelines for submitting your request

    • Please include our legal disclaimer on your flyer submission

    • Please allow five business days for processing

    • Untimely requests will not be approved