Data Workflow Model - Collecting & Analyzing Data

  • Our Department is responsible for Collecting and Analyzing all Financial Data and Attendance Reporting Requirements of Local (PCOE, Community, Board, Cabinet, Sites & Depts.), State, and Federal Governing Bodies.

    Other Departments and/or Groups HIGHLY depend on the accuracy of this Data for Personnel, Curriculum & Instruction, School Site Administration, and Department Administration.

    We Currently Collect and Analyze this Data with the following software and database systems: Placer County Financial System-QSS (migration to ESCAPE in 2008-2009), Aeries, Excel, Access, Word, and Powerpoint.  Databases include SSC, CDE, USDE and supporting agencies.

    The Placer County Office of Education and TTUSD internal Technical Support maintain these systems.

    All departments and school groups within TTUSD depend on the timely and accurate analysis of data by the Financial Services Department.

    Understanding that workflow at its simplest is the movement of documents, tasks, data, and/or objects through a work process - it must thereby be tightly coupled with collaboration. Workflow considers how tasks are structured, who or what can perform tasks, what their relative order is, and how they are synchronized. Thus, our GENERAL workflow model is one of Servant Leadership with the following fluid and ever adaptable order:

    • Fires - Risk Impact

    • Deadlines - Compliance Impact

    • Students - Educational Impact

    • Employees - Staff Impact

    • Sites - Educational Delivery Impact

    • Departments - Effectiveness Impact

    • Business Services - Team Impact