Volunteers, Volunteer Drivers & Volunteer Coaches

  • We are grateful for our volunteers!

    Our Human Resources Department facilitates the volunteer process for each volunteer once your volunteer application has been submitted.  If you have questions at any time throughout the process, please contact Human Resources directly and not the school site where you wish to volunteer.  The clearance process is confidential to each individual and clearance times vary according to personal background information. Our district does not have control over the timeline for results provided by the California Department of Justice and FBI.

    There are two types of Volunteers: Infrequent and Frequent or Regular Volunteers

    Infrequent Volunteers 
    An infrequent volunteer is defined as a person who volunteers 3 times or fewer during the school year for more than 10 minutes each visit. These volunteers are required to check in with the principal's office, provide a valid Government Issued ID and proof of COVID vaccination. The school site will use your valid government issued ID to create a day-use identification badge verifying you have clearance to be on campus as an Infrequent Volunteer.  Note: This section does not apply to volunteer drivers.

    Frequent and/or Regular Volunteers
    These are volunteers who are on campus more than 3 times a school year for more than 10 minutes each visit. They are typically long-term volunteers such as community partners, specialized school programs, PTO or room parents.

    How to apply to become a Regular Volunteer for the 2021-2022 School Year

    • Complete and Submit Online Volunteer Application  A Separate Application is Required for Each School Site
    • Complete and Submit Online Self Certification of Vaccination Status - Only One Application is Required
    • Once your Application is Received, it will be Reviewed and Approved by the School Site Principal and Forwarded to Human Resources (For Each Separate Form)
    • If You've Submitted an Application for More than One School Site - Your Clearance Process Covers All Submitted Volunteer Applications
    • Human Resources will Contact You to Provide Our Volunteer Clearance Documents and LiveScan Form (Fingerprints) 
    • Schedule an Appointment with a Physician and Obtain a  California Tuberculosis School Staff and Volunteer Risk Assessment 
    • Schedule an Appointment for a LiveScan Fingerprint Clearance 
    • LiveScan Results are a Legal Document and Personal to Each Individual and Provided to Our District by the California Department of Justice and FBI 
    • LiveScan Results are Provided to Our District as Quickly as 24 Hours and Up to 50 Days from these Agencies, Depending on the Individual's Background and the District Does Not Govern Timelines for Results
    • After Completion of Clearance Documents, LiveScan Fingerprint Clearance and Tuberculosis Screening Contact Human Resources for an In-Person Appointment humanresources@ttusd.org This Appointment is Required to Finalize Your Volunteer Clearance
    • Please Bring the Following to Your Appointment: Completed Documents, Copy of Completed LiveScan, Tuberculosis Certification and Your Valid Government Issued ID
    • Please Check in with the School Office Upon Arrival for a Formal Check in through Our Raptor System to Obtain a Day-Use Badge and Please Check Out with Raptor Upon Leaving

    Additional Requirements for Volunteer Drivers

    • Requirement Drivers: All of the Above
    • Requirement Drivers: 3 Year Driving History Obtained from DMV (Provide at In Person Appointment)
    • Requirement Drivers: Proof of Liability Insurance Minimum $100,000/Maximum $300,000 (Proof Provided at In-Person Appointment)
    • Special Note:  If You Have Already Been "Cleared" by HR as a Volunteer (Above) and You Would Now Like to Sign Up to be a Volunteer Driver, Please email humanresources@ttusd.org and Our Team will Assist You in Clearance as a Volunteer Driver. You Can Also Submit a NEW Volunteer Clearance Application and Select Volunteer Driver and Our Team will Contact You for the Additional Documents Required.
    • TTUSD Staff Driving Personal Vehicles as a Volunteer Driver must be cleared as a Volunteer Driver for Field Trips
    • Please complete and submit a Volunteer Application and select Volunteer Driver email humanresources@ttusd.org with questions

     Additional Requirements for Volunteer Coaches

    • Requirement: All of the Above
    • Requirement: CPR Certification Course (Proof of Certification Provided at Appointment and Renewed Every (2) Two Years)
    • Requirement: First Aid Certification Course (Proof of Certification Provided at Appointment and Renewed Every (2) Two Years)
    • Requirement: NIAA Concussion Course (Proof of Certification Provided at Appointment and Renewed Every (3) Three Years) 
    • Requirement: NIAA Fundamentals of Coaching  (Proof of Certification Provided at Appointment this is a One-Time Requirement)

    Questions:  Contact humanresources@ttusd.org