• Tahoe Lake Wellness Policy

    Our children's well-being and safety is our ultimate goal, and we know that a major part of children's well-being and safety is related to the food they eat, especially for children with allergies.  In light of this, we have a Wellness Policy to help guide us and protect our children.  Please make sure you are familiar with our Wellness Policy, and please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

    All birthday celebrations must be prearranged with the classroom teacher and will not include any food items.  Some ideas to celebrate a birthday are:

    -Stickers, pencils or erasers for each child in the class.
    -Donation of a book to the classroom or school library in your child’s name.
    -Planning a special art, science or other activity with your child’s teacher.

    Classroom celebrations (holidays, 100th Day of School, etc.) will focus on healthy food choices with not more than one non-nutritious food or beverage per celebration.  Class celebrations will be held after the lunch period whenever possible. Only healthy snack items will be offered at the annual Walk-a-thon.

    Sodas will not be sold at school fundraising events and the majority of foods offered will be considered healthy.

    Food will not be used as a reward or a punishment at school or in the classroom.

    Students are not allowed to bring sodas to school, and should not bring candy for the morning snack.

    All school staff are encouraged to serve as positive role models in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for students.

    The Tahoe Lake community (students, parents and staff) support TTUSD in wanting to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.  To do so we will strive to provide a school-wide environment that supports and reinforces healthy behaviors for all of our students.