Recycling Across TTUSD

  • Our recycling and solid waste reduction programs began in 2010. Since that time, we have successfully implemented programs for all sites leading to cumulative savings of $270,600 through June 2016.

    The following materials are recycled at each site throughout the district:

    • paper
    • cardboard
    • hard plastic (detergent bottles & food containers)
    • glass
    • cans

    At every site, we have central recycling bins for the following items:

    • printer and ink cartridges
    • batteries
    • small computer waste

    TTUSD maintenance staff recycles the following (so don't throw these away):

    • fluorescent light bulbs
    • metal (all kinds)
    • computers 
    • printers
    • monitors
    • cell phone
    • microwaves
    • furniture

    Lunchroom SMART Bin

Waste Diversion Savings To Date

Cumulative Recycling Savings, 2011 to Sept. 2016

Recycling Guides & Signs