Parent Information

  • Office Staff:

    • Kyle Mohagen: Principal/Director
    • Jess Darkenwald: School Counselor/ Consejera
    • Marci Calderon: Office Manager/Oficina
    • Liz Ewing: School Nurse/Enfermera
    • Annie Lane: Health Aid
    • Laura Burley: School Psychologist/Psicólogo


    Students should be at school on time every day. Each day new material is taught, and the most effective way for students to reach grade level standards is by attending school every single day. Student absences are excused for illness and family emergencies (ex.: funerals). Any other absence gets marked as unexcused and parents will receive a truancy letter.

    Independent Study:

    If your student is going to be absent for three or more days, you may complete an independent study contract, and the missed days will not be counted as absences. Independent study contracts can be filled out in two ways:

    1: You may request the work that will be missed one week before the planned absences. You would then complete the work during the absences and turn it in upon returning to school.

    2: You may notify the teacher that you will be gone. Then, the teacher would collect the missed work and give it to you upon your return to school. You would then complete the work and turn it in.

    All absences during independent study contracts are unexcused until the work is completed and returned to the teacher.


    Parent volunteers are welcome and appreciated to help in classrooms, at recess, and in the cafeteria during lunch. When you are volunteering, make sure to sign in and out in the main office. Additionally, you may volunteer to be a part of School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committee, Watch D.O.G.S, or the parent organization, PACE. Please call the main office for more information; 530-582-3730.

    -School Site Council (SSC): The School Site Council consists of a balanced membership between staff, parents, and community members who are elected for a two year term. This group is responsible for co-writing and approving the School Educational Plan, developing the budget for state categorical funds, and for the evaluation of school programs. A notice of meeting dates and times will be posted at the entrance to the school. Anyone interested is invited to attend the meetings.

    -English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC): ELAC consists of interested parents, teachers, and community members. The purpose of ELAC is to oversee the bilingual program offered at our school and also to participate in the District-wide bilingual advisory committee.

    -Playground and Classroom Volunteers: KBE considers parent volunteers a very important part of our educational program. Parents and other community members are encouraged to help in all classroom programs. We always need parents to assist on a regular basis. If you are interested in becoming a classroom volunteer, please contact the teacher or office staff. If you are volunteering in a classroom, please check in with the office to obtain a visitor’s pass prior to visiting a classroom or the playground.

    -WATCH D.O.G.S: This is a volunteer program designed specifically for the men in a child’s life. Please sign up today to begin volunteering on the playground or in the classroom.


    Students should read at home and discuss their school day with family every night. Grade levels determine any additional homework, but there is no consequence for incomplete homework assignments. Also, any additional assignments will be minimal.

    Pick up/Drop off:

    When picking up and dropping off students, never park in the bus zone. Also, be aware and courteous of other drivers because we have limited space and a large number of students that get dropped off and picked up. In the morning, please wait outside with your student until the bell rings. In the afternoon, please wait outside until students are dismissed.

    Nutrition Policy:

    1. Food will not be used as a reward or a punishment at school or in the classroom.
    2. Students are not allowed to brings sodas or candy to school.
    3. Birthday celebrations will include healthy food choices. A list of suggestions will be provided to parents upon request.
    4. Classroom celebrations will focus on healthy food choices with no more than one non-nutritious food or beverage per celebration. Class celebrations will be held after the lunch period whenever possible.
    5. Fruit, vegetables, and water will be the only snack items offered at the annual Walk-a-thon.
    6. Sodas will not be sold at school fundraising events, and the majority of foods offered will be considered healthy.
    7. The school staff is encouraged to serve as positive role models in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for students.

    Uniform Policy:

    What may students wear:

    -Navy Blue pants, shorts, scooters/skorts, skirts, jumpers (Dockers style)

    -White short or long sleeve Polo Shirts or collared dress shirts

    -Light Blue/Navy Blue short or long sleeve Polo Shirts or collared dress shirts

    -Navy or white sweaters or sweater vests

    -KBE sweatshirts

    -Walk-a-thon T shirts on Fridays only

    -Your current winter jacket/coat and snow-pants

    -We prefer tennis shoes. Must enclose the heel and toe

    -White or blue tights in solid colors

    What is not acceptable:

    -Levi’s or denim jeans

    -Logos other than Kings Beach

    -Embellishments such as embroidery, beads, sequins, writings

    -Sweatpants/Yoga Pants