• Thanks to our partnership with SWEP, we have an active Sustainability Club that promotes environmental stewardship on our campus and in the community. Our Eco-Action Team connects students to the outdoors, their community and our local environment through comprehensive, action-oriented watershed education and service-learning projects.

    TTUSD has three different types of Sustainability Clubs, based on the age of our students:
    Green Teams (Elementary School)
    Eco-Action (Middle School)
    Envirolution Club (High School)

    Eco-Action utilizes interactive educational service learning projects to empower students to be good global citizens working to ensure adequate resources for a clean and healthy environment. SWEP educators, along with high school student mentors, facilitate weekly club meetings with student participants to explore green service learning projects including:

    • waste reduction
    • reuse
    • recycling
    • gardening
    • composting
    • energy and water conservation
    • energy awareness
    • BMP restoration
    • native planting
    • pollution prevention

    Through these projects and meetings, students work together to develop their knowledge, create a sense of civic responsibility, and foster a school environment that emphasizes sustainability. In so doing, they practice data collection, and monitoring, in addition to other important language arts, math and science skills.


  • Club members work together on a community environmental service project, while also supporting school site needs around waste education and outreach. Club members do at least one waste audit during the school year.

    Through Eco-Action, students are:

    • Increasing awareness of the impact of their actions
    • Developing knowledge of sustainable practices
    • Creating outreach material including videos, posters, and signage to promote sustainability