About the Department

  • A Bilingual Translator/Interpreter: provides simultaneous and consecutive bilingual oral translation/interpretation during legal proceedings (e.g. IEP, SST, ILP, SARB), expulsion/suspension hearings (Pre-SARB/SARB); District meetings and for District personnel (administrators, counselors, psychologists, nurses, teachers), outside agency representatives (e.g. attorneys, law enforcement personnel, social services representatives), parents, and students. In addition, a Translator/Interpreter translates complex technical, legal, and medical documents (e.g. expulsion reports, IEP/Special Ed. assessments, psychologist's reports, Board Policy) as well as general materials (e.g. handbooks, manuals, forms, memos, correspondence).

    A Bilingual Community Liaison: establishes and maintains an effective relationship between the school and student's home providing assistance to parents. Provides bilingual oral and written translation of general information as necessary (e.g. report cards, bulletins, robocalls, flyers, website and PTO outreach letters). Interact with parents and promote their involvement in our schools. Interpret for meetings, such as PTO, parent conferences, behavior, Pre-SARB, SST at the elementary level, special education testing in Spanish, etc. However, may not interpret for IEP meetings or those that involve special terminology information unless approved by Supervisor.