• TTUSD is proud to purchase locally grown food and ingredients from local and regional partners in the Truckee/Lake Tahoe region!  Currently, we are working to earn the Five-Star rating from the Center for Good Food and Purchasing (GFPP). 

      Why is this important? 

    With our longstanding commitment to serving nutritious food, we use locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible, and we avoid highly processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals, dyes and food additives. We work closely with local and regional food producers and vendors to procure high quality, sustainably raised ingredients. As such, it is of great interest to continue leading the healthy, local food procurement movement within our community and strengthen our local food purchasing capacity through the Center for Good Food Purchasing’s Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP).

    GFPP is a comprehensive, metric-based set of food procurement standards, providing leverage for us to work with our producers and vendors to provide still healthier food with a focus on stimulating the local food economy and establishing model practices within our community. 

    If your organization is interesting is joining TTUSD Food & Nutrition Services effort to implement GFPP in Truckee and the North Lake Tahoe region, please contact us food@ttusd.org. Learn more about here GFPP.

    We are proud to offer and serve delicious food, supplies, and ingredients provided locally by: 

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