• It is important to make sure you, and your students, are mindful of copyright laws and appropriate licensing when using videos, movies, clip art, photos, and other items. These include media searched for in a search engine and downloaded. While you may be able to download a picture from a search engine, this doesn't mean you or your students are able to use freely. See below for tools, tips, and licenses that you are able to reference when using media.

Movie Licensing

  • We have two licenses (MPLC and SWANK) that cover "most" of the major motion picture studios. This covers showings for educational purposes, movie nights, and recreational movies shown within the school building. These licenses do not cover showing movies shown outside of the school building (even on school property). The school must contact the technology department or the licensing agent for information and licensing costs regarding other venues or studios not covered by MPLC and SWANK.

    You are able to promote your showing of a movie, though, if promoting on a website, radio, or electronically, the movie name and the studio name are not able to be used. You must be generic in these communications. However, printed fliers and posters can use the name of the movie and/or motion picture studio.

    Sites ask whether they can use Netflix or Disney+ to stream if we have SWANK and MPLC. The answer is fairly complex, unfortunately. While the MPLC/SWANK licenses allow you to show the movie pubically, the Netflix and Disney+ licensing do not allow for public peformances and your account may be cancelled or there may be a legal risk. Here is a legal discussion of this issue: https://www.wnylrc.org/ask-the-lawyer/filter/68

    If you have any questions, please contact the Technology department.


  • Copyright can be confusing, especially for educators. Fair use does cover some items when using media in your classroom, though it is important to make sure you are using "fair use" appropriately. This is also true for your students as they gather resources and materials and are publishing their own information. Below are links to information that you may find helpful as you follow good digital citizenship and copyright law.