• December 17, 2023
    Dear Prospective Truckee High Softball Players and Parents,
    We are getting closer to the start of our season and I'm getting excited!
    The most important thing I need all of you to do is: I need all of you to work on your Aktivate (formerly RegisterMyAthlete) registration ASAP.  This is not something that you can do last minute.  Please do it now.  Please click HERE for more information, including parent instructions.  Many of you will need to get a physical and appointments here in Truckee are hard to get.  Christmas break might be a good time to make an appointment.  Here's an update of who's not done:
    • Not started:
      • Randy G
      • Daphne G
      • Maeve K
      • Estefania M
      • Brittany M
      • Kristan R
      • Kaiya R
      • Chastelyn S
      • Jocelyn S
    • Started but not complete:
      • Stephanie C
      • Malaya G
      • Sierra H
      • Gia N
      • Danna R
      • Zoe W
    • Complete (Great Job!)
      • Iratze
      • Peyton
      • Jessie
      • Emmy
      • Gwen
      • Ella
      • Josie
      • Erika
      • Scarlett
      • Ellyse
      • Sophie
      • Lucia
      • Olyvia
    Let me know if you need help.
    If you've decided not to play softball, let me know and I'll quit bothering you.
    If you know of other girls who plan on playing, please have them contact me ASAP.
    I need the following players to fill out this Player Questionnaire.
    • Iratze A
    • Randy G
    • Daphne G
    • Kristan R
    • Jocelyn S
    Truckee Softball is BIG into communication and we use WhatsApp a lot.  Download it to your phone and then send me a message.  Then I will add you to our group chat.  Make sure you put the app where you will see it on your phone (first page, not the last page.)
    You can find our game and practice schedule HERE.
    • The Optional Practices will be in the old gym, and are subject to change and cancellation.  We will have optional practices on Tue, Thur, and Saturday during the second week of Christmas Break, then every Monday and Saturday once school gets back in.  You are not required to attend these practices in order to make the team, but this is a way to improve your skills, especially if softball is new to you.  It's up to you to make yourself a better softball player.
    • We will be adding more games.  They will be added to our schedule as they are added.
    If you have one of my softball mitts, please drop it off at the THS front office and tell them to put it in the softball mail box.  I am missing a lot of mitts.
    If you are still adding to your Christmas list, here some items you might need during the season:
    • A softball mitt.  The bigger and more flexible, the better.
    • Batting Gloves
    • Cleats
    Plans for our 2024 Season:
    • While we will be playing many of our regular league opponents, we are officially playing as an independant.  This will enable us to schedule more teams at our ability level.
    • We Hope to have both a JV and a Varsity team, but:
      • If we have less than 20 players come out for the team, we will likely just field a varsity team.
      • If we have between 20 and 30 players, we will likely have a JV and a Varsity team, but if needed, players may move up and down during the season so that we can field both teams.
      • If we have over 30 players, we will have cuts to making the teams.
    Keep your grades up!  If you have poor grades (any Fs or lower than a 2.0.  That's my guess, don't hold me to that...), then you will certainly miss the first part of the season and will be on academic probation for the season.  Best thing to do is put down your phone and pick up the books and get good grades.  This is solely up to you.  We can't do it for you. Start now!
    We need sponsors!  Our community is really great and offers our program, and many others, the funding we need to operate.  While the girls and I will start pounding the pavement soon, if you or a business you are close to is interested in supporting our softball team, please reach out to them.  Here is a link to our Sponsorship Form.
    Some important dates:
    • Aktivate.com registration due:  ASAP!
    • Saturday, February. 17:  First official day of Softball!  (Yes, practice.)
    • Ski Skate Week:  Yes we will be practicing.
    • Monday, Feb 26:  Last day to try out and show your commitment to the team.  Teams formed after practice.
    • Tuesday, Feb 27:  Parent Meeting 5:00 pm
    • Friday, March 1st & 2nd:  First Games.  Overnight trip to Yerington.
    • Spring Break:  We have a game on Saturday, March 30 which I expect everyone to be at.  Then you have the rest of the week off.  No games or practices after March 30th. 
    • Saturday, May 4th:  Last day of season.
    • Monday, May 20th:  End of Season Banquet
    • TBD:  Truckee Little League Softball Camp Day (After School 3:00-6:00) (All players must volunteer.)
    Parents:  High School sports require a high level of commitment from players and families.  Please do not book trips during the season that would pull your daughter away from team activities.  Sundays are open and Most of Spring Break is open.  
    I'm sorry for the long email, but we are only two months out.  For more about Truckee Softball, check out our WebFacebook, and YouTube pages.
    Thanks and have a great Christmas Break.