Strategic Plan Framework image including the 3 areas of focus: Academic Achievement, Support Systems and Community Connection
  • After a yearlong process of gathering input and working with a variety of board members, administrative leadership, teachers, classified staff, parents, students, and local community partners, the TTUSD Board of Trustees officially adopted the 2026 Strategic Plan Framework. This framework will serve as our guiding light for the next three years as we embark on district-wide efforts to engage and empower students, educators, and staff to achieve their potential.

    We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who contributed to this yearlong process. Your input and involvement were invaluable. Together, we've crafted a highly vetted framework focusing on Academic Achievement, Student Support, and Community Connections. These pillars are vital to our learners' growth and well-being and reflect our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

    The overall strategic framework has been organized around the following foundational statement to help the District focus its efforts and encompass the spirit of our strategy for the next three years as we work together to: 

    Engage and Empower Students, Educators, and Staff to Achieve their Potential

    Then, at the September 20th TTUSD Board of Trustees meeting, staff presented the districtwide Strategic Plan Roadmap as a follow-up tactical document. 

    Throughout the summer of 2023, TTUSD district staff and administrators worked to identify two to three specific actions for each priority focus within the Strategic Plan. These actions have been chosen to help our district progress toward achieving our goals. Each year, we’ll utilize this roadmap to assess progress and outline the next steps to ensure we continue making significant headway. 

    Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the actions associated with each Area of Strategic Focus: Academic Achievement, Support Systems, and Community Connections. School sites and departments will also have action items supporting the broader district-wide initiatives. 

    Staff remains committed to providing the TTUSD Board of Trustees and our community with frequent progress to provide transparency and engagement opportunities. Keep an eye out for updates within our monthly newsletters.