• The safety of all students and all adults on our school property is of the utmost importance. Each of the TTUSD schools has developed a Comprehensive School Safety Plan as part of SB187 (Comprehensive School Safety Plan). These Comprehensive School Safety Plans are available for your viewing using the links on this page, or you are welcome to contact your site's Administrator for this information.

    In addition, each school site has been trained in the National Incident Management System for responding to an emergency.

    Each site typically participates in 10 emergency drills every school year. Local law enforcement and fire services often offer additional assistance during many of these drills. We appreciate the support they've given us!

    What Each Parent Should Know During Emergencies
    To ensure our schools are well-prepared, it's essential to educate parents about the actions they should take in case of an emergency on campus. While most emergencies are isolated and won't affect all students and staff, there could be situations that require the school to initiate "Shelter in Place" or "Lockdown" protocols. Read below for more details on these situations. 

    Shelter in Place
    Shelter in Place involves protecting students, faculty, and staff within their current building locations. This measure is applicable in two scenarios. Firstly, when there is no immediate threat to the building's structure, and everyone can remain safe by staying indoors. Secondly, when attempting to evacuate would expose individuals to more danger than staying put. Examples of scenarios when a Shelter in Place could be used are incidents involving hazardous materials, such as a gas leak or a wild animal on campus. Furthermore, sheltering in place may be necessary if releasing students and personnel could impede law enforcement or firefighting activities in the vicinity.

    A lockdown protects students, faculty, and staff from internal and external threats, such as a violent individual. This involves swiftly securing classrooms, exterior doors, and the physical infrastructure to either neutralize or isolate the threat.

    What Parents Should Do During a Shelter in Place or Lockdown Event

    • Remain calm and look for informational updates from the District via text, phone calls, and the District website (
    • Know that students and staff have prepared and practiced these scenarios ahead of time. 

    • Meet your child after the conclusion of the event at the student/parent reunification location. Locations will be announced through District communication channels (text, phone calls, Whoever is picking up your child must be on your current student emergency card, and they must have a photo ID with them.

    • Listen to the local radio and TV for information. These outlets will be receiving the most up-to-date information not only from TTUSD but also from any other public agencies involved.

    What Parents Should Not Do During a Shelter in Place or Lockdown Event

    • Do not call the school.  The school has limited phone lines, and a large number of incoming calls will tie them up and limit necessary communication with other entities. 

    • Do not come to the school. We have limited entrances and exits to each site, and all access points must be kept clear to allow emergency vehicles immediate access

    As a district, we will continue to evolve and refine our safety protocols to be in line with the most up-to-date best practices. 

    Update Your Child's Emergency Card
    Ensuring the accuracy of your student's emergency card is crucial. Please check your student's Aeries account to verify that it contains the correct information. In case of an emergency, your child will only be released to contacts listed on the Emergency Card. Feel free to contact your school site if you need assistance with this process.