• After School Programs

    Computer Science Club

    The program will focus on creating with technology while exploring concepts of computer science.  Our students are exposed to programming and robotics through our ACES enhancement classes and will extend their skills though Computer Science Club.  Projects are always fun and student driven.  We meet monthly from 2:20-3:20 in the Tech Lab with Mrs. Kosich.  Check the Cougar News for dates.

    6th Grade Science

    Our 6th Grade GATE Sciene Club will study aeronautical engineering with Mrs. Keller.  The club meets after school 2:30-4:00.  Please check Cougar News for dates.

    7th and 8th Grade Science

    Topic: Space Transportation: Reshooting the Moon (Engineering by Design)

    Big Idea: Transportation systems move people and goods. Transportation vehicles consist of subsystems that must function together for a system to work effectively.

    Purpose of Unit: To familiarize students with the characteristics of transportation systems and how they apply to the exploration of space.

    Students will use the 8 sessions to examine transportation systems that have been used on Earth and used to transport people and goods to the moon, and students will design and build a model of a transport system that will deliver supplies to the Moon and return waste products and lunar samples.

    The club meets after school 2:30-4:00 with Mrs. Williams.  Please check the Cougar News for dates.