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Frequently Asked Questions


Understanding Translation and Interpretation Services: A Q&A

Q: What's the difference between translation and interpretation?

A: Translation deals with written documents, while interpretation handles spoken communication. Both require expertise and training.

Q: How long does translation take?

A: Turnaround time depends on document length, language, complexity, and workload. Expect an estimated completion date upon request. For less common languages, contracted agencies handle translation and will provide a timeframe.

Q: When to request an interpreter?

A: For district events, submit a request form 5-7 business days in advance. School events require contacting the interpreter pool as soon as the date is known, with a minimum of 1-2 weeks' notice. Providing agendas and materials beforehand allows for better preparation and accuracy.

Q: How do I submit a document for translation?

A: Complete a Translation/Interpretation Request Form and send it electronically along with your document(s) to the District Translators. The format and graphics will be preserved, but highly graphic documents might require removing pictures for easier processing.