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Attendance Awareness

At TTUSD, we believe every school day counts. Regular attendance is essential for students to thrive academically and socially, right from the start. 

Why is attendance so important?

Research shows that students who miss too much school - just 10% of the year (around 18 days) - fall behind in crucial areas: 

  • Reading proficiency by 3rd grade
  • Academic achievement in middle school
  • Graduation from high school

Beyond academics, missing school can also hinder a student's ability to: 

  • Develop social skills by interacting with peers and teachers
  • Build problem-solving and self-regulation skills needed for successful learning
  • Access resources such as healthy meals, healthcare, and enrichment programs

How regular attendance benefits your child

  • Routines | Consistent attendance creates a sense of security and reduces stress.
  • Engagement | Bring in school allows students to build relationships with classmates and teachers, fostering a positive learning environment. 
  • Access to Resources | Schools provide essential resources like meals, healthcare, and extracurricular activities.
  • Active Learning | Regular attendance allows students to participate in hands-on learning that builds strong academic foundations. 

How you can help

We understand parents are crucial partners in promoting good attendance. Here are some tips: 

  • Make getting to school on time a priority.
  • Communicate any barriers to attendance with your school administrators and teachers to see how we can help. 
  • Monitor your child's absences and work with the school to address any concerns. 
  • Review the Attendance Tips documents below for additional strategies to support regular attendance. 

Together, we can ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed!