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WorkAbility I & Transition Partnership Program

WorkAbility I (WAI)

Funded by the California Department of Education, TTUSD's WAI program offers supplemental transition services to qualifying students grades 7 to Adult Transition. The mission is to engage students, educators, families, employers, and local agencies in supporting successful student transitions to life after high school.  

Services may include: 

  • Conducting career and postsecondary interest assessment surveys
  • Assisting with career awareness and exploration lessons/activities
  • Teaching work-readiness and pre-employment skills
  • Resources sharing and connecting students to community agencies
  • Providing work experience opportunities for students in Special Day Classes (SDC)

Transition Partnership Program (TPP)

Through funding from the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), TTUSD’s TPP program provides additional support services to a limited number of students with a disability, ages 16 through 21. Alongside the student’s special education and school support team, we individualize supplemental services to help students prepare to transition to a successful life after high school.
Services may include: 
  • Job Exploration Counseling 
  • Work-based Learning
  • Counseling for Postsecondary Options
  • Training for Workplace Readiness
  • Support for Self-Advocacy
  • Resources sharing and connections to community agencies 
  • Work Experience opportunities for students in Special Day Classes (SDC)
To apply for TPP services, please ask your Special Education teacher or contact one of our department staff members.   


Kelly Lanzarone
WorkAbility I & Transition Partnership Program (TPP) Manager
(530) 582-2568 Ext. 31519

Jill Meyer
WorkAbility & Transition Partnership Program (TPP) Specialist
(530) 582-2567 Ext. 20467