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What s Up Wellness Checkups

What's Up? Wellness Checkups 

"We have routine screening for vision and hearing - why not for mental health?"

 What's Up Wellness Checkups are being offered at TTUSD High Schools to screen students for emotional and mental health risks.

What is What's Up?

What's Up?  Wellness Checkups are based on Columbia University's Teen Screen program which screens high school students for suicide risk, depression, substance abuse and other emotional health challenges.  Adolescence can be a challenging time for some students, and we hope utilize this screener as a way to provide initial prevention and support to the students who need it. Click here for more information on What's Up? Wellness 

How does it work in the schools?

The screener will be offered to all 10th grade students in the district but are open to any other students upon recommendation and parent consent. A licensed mental health clinician from What's Up? Wellness will conduct the screener with all students who have parent consent. 

What services does it provide?

The What's Up? Wellness Checkup starts with a one-time screening that can take between 15 - 45 minutes.  It includes a computerized questionnaire and a follow-up interview with What's Up? staff to provide support, and if needed, referrals for further help.

For those students whose screen indicates the need for further support, What's Up? staff will notify parents and work to help families identify services that will best meet their student's needs.  Additionally, What's Up? will provide time limited case management services to ensure a successful connection to resources and/or treatment.

To have your student screened, please read the information letter, fill out the consent form and hand it in to one of your school counselors.

Information Letter - English

Information Letter - Spanish

Consent Form - English

Consent Form - Spanish