• Measure AA is a renewal measure that was passed on November 6, 2018. We are so appreciative that the Tahoe Truckee voters approved Measure AA by 78%. Measure AA maintains locally-controlled existing voter-approved funding that was first established in 1989. 
    Current results are as follows:

    Why was Measure AA placed on the ballot?
    TTUSD gathered community feedback about the educational priorities for Tahoe Truckee schools for months. The top priorities for our schools we heard included:

    -Continuing to offer extensive honors and advanced placement classes in such subjects as physics, chemistry
    and biology
    -Continuing and upgrading vocational education and career technology programs so students acquire important job skills
    -Preparing students for college and university

    Measure AA would continue existing, voter-approved funding first established in 1989. If renewed, Measure AA would continue to fund programs that are underfunded by the state to ensure are provided with a well-rounded, high-quality education that includes science, art, technology, physical education, honors, and advanced placement classes, as well as job and college preparation.

    How does Measure AA help student success?
    Measure AA will maintain career technical and vocational education training programs.

    Students would continue to have access to hands-on, interactive learning tools to acquire the real-world skills needed to compete for good paying jobs when they graduate.

    Measure AA continues funding to ensure science labs, school libraries, and classroom instruction keeps pace, and that our schools continue to teach students the skills they need to succeed and compete in a technologically advanced, highly competitive 21st-Century economy.


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