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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters Education

Stephanie Bacon

6th Grade Teacher

I've been teaching in TTUSD for over 20 years, and I am still passionate about pedagogy (teaching methodology). I am terrible with organization, creating clever art projects with kids, and I usually forget to use up my supply budget, but I never stop thinking about teaching practice. How we facilitate student interaction with new knowledge and skills has been the focus of my professional life. Recently, I have shifted my practice to include attention to the social and emotional aspects of being human, and how those factors relate to learning and overall wellness. These shifts first occurred intuitively when I noticed my students being increasingly reactive to each other and disengaged from learning. In the winter of 2023, I began researching this topic, and found that the social and emotional health and relational skills of the teacher have a significant impact on classroom climate and learning. Currently, I am diving deeper into the research on this topic as well as the role of authenticity in the classroom as a doctoral candidate at UNR, and I am finishing my breathwork facilitator certification in order to promote my own wellness and that of the community.  My current pedagogical focus is on teacher and student wellness, critical literacy, collaborative conversations, using proficiency scales as a teaching tool, and mindset education. When I am not planning lessons or looking at student work, I am enjoying the outdoors with my two beautiful boys.