• Mission Statement:
    The goal of this club is to have students meet to play chess (given it’s a two-player game),
    help those who want to learn the game, and study the thoughts and processes behind the

    Officer Role Responsibilities:
    President - The principal officer is responsible for leading the club in meetings and activities under the Club Advisor and the stated Bylaws.
    Vice President - Shall assist the president in club management, shall preside over club meetings in the president's absence, and shall perform other duties assigned by the president.
    Secretary - Shall keep minutes of club meetings, maintain club membership records, and perform other duties assigned by the president. The secretary shall maintain an attendance roster for the club records.
    Communications - Shall manage all of the club’s social media channels, (like Chess.com.) The public relations officer shall send out information and announcements regarding upcoming events, club meetings, and other general info.  
    Head Chess Mentor Is a “hot line” for coaching members who request guidance in rules, tips, gameplay, and anything else deemed necessary.

    Current Held Positions:
    President - Nicholas (Nick) Miller

    Vice President - Dexter Vastine
    Secretary - Robert Miller
    Communications - not assigned yet (please reach out to apply)
    Head Chess Mentor - Gunnar Fields
    The meeting will be held every other week on Thursday during lunch unless otherwise determined by the club. In this instance, the communications officer will make the proper announcements. Meetings are held in the Library
    Club Advisor:
    Ms. Annie Stefani
    Copy of the Club Constitution and Bylaws (for more details):
    NTHS Chess Club Bylaws.pdf