Meet Sra. Bossler

Phone: 530-582-3730 x23344, 23004


Degrees and Certifications:

Paula Bossler

Current position: K-4 STEM Teacher and LITE (Leader Integrating Technology in Education)

Teaching History:

2010-Current Kings Beach Elementary STEM Teacher and LITE

2006-2010 North Tahoe School Science and ELD Teacher

 2004-2005 Biology, ESL and Algebra Teacher at Squaw Valley Academy

2004-2019 Intermittent TTUSD Adult ESL Teacher


Teaching Passion: I love teaching students to explore the world around them, to build their community and to be conscientious of their impact on the world. 

Outside Interests: Chasing Theo and Cora, running, playing softball, SUPing, mountain biking and tinkering with projects. 

If I could have any super power, it would be to travel to different dimensions in the space-time continuum.