Meet Sra. Laudenschlager

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Degrees and Certifications:

Veronica Laudenschlager

Current position: Third Grade

Teaching History: My teaching profession has been shaped and enriched by professors, colleagues, and students from two cultures, Chilean and American. I graduated as an Elementary School Teacher with a Major in Elementary Education in Santiago, Chile, at "Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile" where I also obtained a two year post graduate specialty, "Mathematics Specialty in the Elementary Grades." My first three years of teaching were in Chile at "San Felipe Diácono," elementary school, with the grades kindergarten and second. Then I came to the United States and I acquired my Nevada teaching license. I taught at Washoe County School District in Nevada for twelve years, grades kindergarten to fourth in two-way immersion, English as a Second Language, and English programs. I am presently teaching third grade at Kings Beach Elementary, where I have taught for the last three years. This is the third two-way immersion program I have taught in.

Teaching Passion: My passion is teaching kindness, empathy, teamwork, compassion, humility, courage and through the academic subjects in two languages. On one hand, when students learn any content in a second language, they experience kindness from those that help them become proficient in that language. Secondly, when they understand the content and also when they encourage classmates, they not only grow academically, but also socially. They are under the umbrella of humility and courage when they ask for help. On the other hand, when they are next to one that is learning their own primary language, they show empathy because they were once in their fellow students’ shoes. They show compassion because they know the difficulty this implies. The natural interaction between these two learners develops teamwork skills.  

Outside Interests: I grew up loving nature and every new healthy activity that life offered me because of the influence of a boys and girls scout group and I continue with the same spirit. During spring and summer, I venture out on our Lake Tahoe waters and sometimes on the ocean with my paddle, my team, and our Hawaiian outrigger canoe. I belong to the Kawaiulu o Tahoe Outrigger Canoe Club. I also enjoy backpacking our mysterious mountains. But during the Winter, I get on my classic or skate cross country skis and let the trails invite me to discover new landscapes. When weather gets mischievous I swim. I also rejoice in music and dance ballroom and Latin dances throughout the year. To organize my thoughts, I draw portraits in pencil of faces that I picture in my mind. Who knows what new opportunity will come and that might add it to my list?

If I could have any super power it would be "the healing wind." If I could heal the one that is ill or in pain just by blowing the direction of misery, I would stop the suffering of so many... This would really be an amazing power.  


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