Welcome to Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations

  • TTUSD Facilities Department is unable to accept any facility use requests at this time because of the COVID-19 restrictions.  We will update this message when the restrictions have been lifted and we are able to accept and process your facility use requests.  If you have any specific questions or concerns please contact Gib Benthin at gbenthin@ttusd.org

    The Facilities Department at TTUSD is responsible for providing a safe, comfortable learning environment for our students. That includes construction projects throughout the District to upgrade the learning environment.

    They also take care of the maintenance, ordering of supplies, monitoring energy use and conservation, and the upkeep of TTUSD’s sports fields and facilities.

    Snow removal and building snow load issues, fairly unique in California, provide an additional challenge for the department.

    Need to submit a facility use request? Click the link below: 

    MaintenanceDirect FSDirect





  • Jorge Rojas - Director of Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations
    (530) 582-2545 Ext 20550

    Rose Green - Administrative Assistant - Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations
    (530) 582-2540 Ext 20555

    Rob Koster - Truckee High School and Truckee Elementary School, Project Manager
    (530) 582-2542 Ext 20551

    Anna Klovstad - Kings Beach Elementary, Project Manager
    (530) 582-2548 Ext 20552

    Kristin Hillmer - Tahoe Lake Elementary, Project Manager
    (916) 747-7333 Ext 20655

    Gilbert Benthin - Coordinator - Maintenance and Operations
    (530) 582-2577 Ext 20553

    Pat McKechnie - District Operations Supervisor
    (530) 308-1128 Ext 20563