Welcome to Human Resources

  • The Tahoe Truckee Unified School District Human Resources Department is dedicated to recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly skilled, motivated and caring administrators, teachers and support staff to serve the students of our district. We are committed to providing excellent support for current and prospective employees through a culture of quality, accountability, responsibility and respect and ensuring effective communication, sound procedures and systems, and exemplary customer service.


    Human Resources Department Overview

    • Recruitment, Interviews, Selection
    • Hiring & Pre-Employment Clearance, Certificated & Classified Employees, Substitutes, Coaches & Volunteers
    • Salary Schedules & Salary Placement
    • Employment Contracts
    • Job Descriptions
    • Course Credit Approvals
    • Personnel Records
    • Evaluation Process
    • PAR
    • Mandated Employee Trainings Annual and Upon Employment
    • Credentials & Monitoring
    • Course Credit Approval
    • Absence Monitoring
    • Leaves of Absence
    • Job Shares
    • Bargaining Units, Labor Relations & Negotiations
    • Staffing
    • Substitute Teachers
    • Seniority Lists
    • Calendars
    • Transfers & Reassignments
    • Resignations & Termination of Employment




  • Hours of Operation
    Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Closed Weekends & Holidays

    General Inquiries for Human Resources
    Email: humanresources@ttusd.org
    Fax (530) 582-7606

    Verifications of Employment 
    Fax (530) 582-7101 Attention Payroll

    Frontline Questions 
    Email: humanresources@ttusd.org

    Joan Zappettini
    Director of Human Resources
    (530) 582-2556 Ext 20430

    Cindi Friedli
    Confidential Administrative Assistant District Office - Human Resources
    (530) 582-2580 Ext 20415

    Onboarding and Employee Clearance
    Dana Walton-Smith, Credentials Technician
    Certificated Onboarding
    Certificated Employment Clearance

    Substitute Teacher Employment Clearance
    EdJoin Questions
    (530) 582-2503 Ext 20411

    Patricia Virrey, Credentials Technician
    Classified Employment Clearance
    Classified Onboarding
    Coach & Volunteer Clearance 
    EdJoin Questions
    (530) 582-2508 Ext. 20416