Welcome to Special Education

  • Tahoe Truckee Unified School District prides itself on providing special education services to all individuals with special needs and their families through quality programs that provide students unique opportunities to learn skills necessary to be happy, healthy, productive members of their community. Tahoe Truckee Unified School District appreciates that all children develop at different rates and in different ways and with highly qualified teachers provide individualized, evidence-based education to maximize every child's success.

    Special Education Services are offered to eligible individuals in programs designed to promote maximum interaction between students in special education and the general school population, allowing maximum interaction while still meeting the unique needs of the child in special education. Parent approval is required prior to placement or change of an education program of any child, whether they are receiving special education services or not.


    The Special Education Department will strive to:

    1. Assist students with disabilities in choosing pathways for success and development of self advocacy skills.
    2. Commit to continued enrichment of skills and knowledge of special education personnel.
    3. Adapt as needed to serve an expanding and identified population of students with disabilities.
    4. Expand inclusionary opportunities.
    5. Provide support services per IEP for students with identified disabilities, enabling them opportunities for success in school and beyond.
    6. Satisfy legal mandates set by State and Federal law (per IDEA) regarding identified students with disabilities.



  • Annamarie Cohen
    Executive Director of Student Services
    (530) 582-2565 
    Internal Extension:  20460

    Nick Bartlett
    Special Education Program Specialist
    (530) 582-2589
    Internal Extension:  20456

    Jessica Scott
    Special Education Program Specialist
    (530) 582-2564 
    Internal Extension:  20461

    Becca Wing
    Administrative Assistant II
    (530) 582-2560       
    Internal Extension:  20465

    Adela Gonzalez del Valle
    Administrative Assistant I
    (Habla Español) 
    Student Records / SARB
    (530) 582-2559       
    Internal Extension:  20462
    Cell:  (530) 608-8021 

    FAX:  (530) 582-2566

    Additional Contacts:

    Laura Blackburn
    Program Specialist
    Placer County SELPA
    (530) 886-5883