Partners in Education

  • Parent and community involvement are what make our schools thrive.

    Regardless of family income, education, or cultural background, children whose parents are involved in their education earn higher grades, have higher test scores, have more consistent attendance, demonstrate better social skills, have higher self-esteem, and adapt better to the school environment than those whose parents aren’t involved. Although TTUSD greatly values our numerous parent volunteers, parent involvement doesn’t have to be only at the schools. Talking to your children about what they are learning, helping them with any challenges that they are having and providing encouragement and affirmation are just as important ways to be involved.

    Along with beautiful natural surroundings, TTUSD is grateful to have a community that is very supportive of our students’ education. From Measure A to Excellence in Education, the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, Arts for the Schools, Tahoe Forest Hospital, Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships, the Shane McConkey Foundation, Rotary, and many other local foundations and organizations, our students are given more opportunities for success through hands-on learning opportunities, wellness support, and scholarships. Our local businesses are constantly donating prizes and discounts for fundraisers and hosting events; we appreciate their support as well. Please see the news stories and visit the links of our numerous community partners.