Welcome to Technology Services

  • Students using technology in window

    TTUSD’s vision is that all students will master the effective use of technology for success in college and their careers. The Technology Services team helps the District achieve that goal with two teams.

    The first is the Technology Services team, consisting of four Technological Specialists and a Help Desk Specialist who take on the huge job of making sure that every school site and the district office computers and devices are working properly. This includes setting up connections, troubleshooting connectivity issues, and configuring every new computer and maintaining all of the technology and computer labs in the District. They are also responsible for our communications systems--phones and radios are key components of the daily operations and safety of our students and staff.

    The Educational Technology team is comprised of a district Teacher Technology Specialist and a school site Leader Integrating Technology in Education (LITE) who are educators with years of classroom teaching experience. They are responsible for keeping the district appraised of the latest educational technology methods, for teacher training and support at all the schools to help teachers engage students and convey information effectively with technological programs and tools.