What is Measure A?

  • Measure A—Making a Difference for TTUSD Scholars

    Students in Tahoe Truckee Unified School District (TTUSD) have benefited in innumerable ways from Measure A funding since its inception in 1989 (previously Measure S). Measure A funds allow the district to provide many programs needed for a well-rounded education that would not be possible with the basic funding covered under regular or state revenue.

    Measure A, in its most basic explanation, is a low-cost, flat parcel tax of $135 a year that generates funding for TTUSD. This funding is essential to continue numerous education programs offered throughout the district that isn't covered under basic state funding. Measure A funded programs include music, art, physical education, technology, counseling, nursing, science, honors and college preparation and provides for instructional materials, equipment, and supplies. Measure A guarantees approximately $4 million in funding, allowing for a competitive education path that will prepare our scholars for success in college and/or their future careers.

    Elementary School Programs:  Each of our five elementary schools has allocated Measure A funding to their respective music, physical education, and science departments as well as to their counseling services, libraries and overall school technology. Recently funding for music and performing arts in the elementary schools has paid for new instruments, field trips, tuners and teachers. Measure A funding has enhanced the overall music and performing arts education at each of the schools, while new balls, racquets, nets and other supplies have enabled students to stay healthy and develop more advanced motor skills in their Physical Education courses.

     In addition, iPads, new software, computers, keyboards and Apple TVs were some of the more popular investments that the elementary schools made using Measure A funds to stay current with educational technology. Schools recognize the importance of traditional reading for students and added an average of 570 books to each elementary school library. Science departments have received materials to conduct experiments as well as basic supplies such as tables and shelves. Finally, counselors and emotional support programs have been funded at each of the schools. The Special Friends program, which provides support to students and focuses on socially appropriate interactions with other students, is the largest Measure A supported program for our elementary schools.

    Middle School Programs: Alder Creek Middle School and North Tahoe School have benefited from funding in ways that largely mimic TTUSD elementary schools. Large additions to school technology, the library, counseling and mental heath as well as instruments and physical education supplies have kept programs intact that the schools otherwise would not have funding for.

    High School Programs: Measure A funds at Truckee High, North Tahoe High, Sierra Continuation High and Coldstream Alternative School have allowed for the continuation of advanced placement and vocational education courses along with new courses. Measure A funded culinary, engineering and technology courses in addition to Advanced Placement and College Preparation courses. These courses put our scholars on a path to post-graduation success, whether it be in the competitive job market or college application pool. Technological advances that the schools have made allow for students to learn and understand the mechanisms that we have adapted to compete and function in such a technologically dependent society. Experiential field trips funded through Measure A have ignited interest outside the school in many students while supplemental textbooks, graphing calculators and supplies have enhanced general education. Physical and mental health, as well as prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, has been a key focus of Measure A funding of counselors and courses in health, physical education, and well-being. Learning ways to cope with stress and healthy habits will benefit students throughout their lives.

     Measure A funding has and continues to have an enormous and overwhelmingly positive impact on TTUSD. We truly appreciate our community’s investment in providing a robust and well-rounded education for our scholars that will lead to many opportunities for success.