• Welcome to Kings Beach Elementary School!

    Kings Beach Elementary School is a Two-Way Immersion School based on the 90/10 model. The program at Kings Beach Elementary School provides an immersion model for English-speaking students, as well as an additive bilingual model for Spanish-speaking students. This means that all students learn a second language without compromising their first language.

    Emphasis on Spanish instruction in the early grades allows English-speakers ample exposure to the target language: Spanish. Spanish speakers have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and build a strong base in their first language, enabling them to be more successful as they begin to acquire English orally, and later as they transfer reading and writing skills into English. By the end of fifth grade, the goal is that all students will be able to read, write, and speak fluently in both Spanish and English.

    Classes are composed of an equal mix of native Spanish-speakers and native English-speakers who assist and learn from one another, allowing second language acquisition to occur naturally. The social interaction between students is a delight to behold. They truly learn from one another, developing high levels of confidence and self-esteem through their studies of two languages. Learning comes alive as the beauty of both languages is explored through literature and song.

    The goals for the students of the Two Way program are to:

    • Develop fluency and literacy in two languages, Spanish and English
    • Achieve proficiency in all academic subjects, meeting or exceeding District and State guidelines.
    • Cultivate an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, and develop positive attitudes toward fellow students, their families and their community.

    KBE Vision:

    La Mejor Escuela...Inspiring Global Citizens

    Every day we will…

    Support the social emotional growth of our students through the development of grit, perseverance, compassion, and a growth mindset.

    Build strong intentional relationships with students, families, staff, and community.

    Create global citizens by building socio-cultural competence.

    Support high academic achievement through bilingualism and biliteracy.