• No Athlete will be allowed to practice or play for Truckee High School until all required forms have been completed and returned to their Head Coach. You must register at the link below and it will have all required forms in there for review and print.



    -Go to registermyathlete.com

    -My School Login

    -Go to State and click on Truckee High School

    -Create an account

    -Read Concussion and NIAA Tobacco and Drug Policy then agree to terms

    -Click on consent to treat a minor

    -Complete E-Sign



    -Athlete Support Consent  Click on View/Print/Save-  (Be sure your computer is showing boxes, not shaded response area) Fill out form, then go to file and click “save as”  Save to desktop then upload the document.

    -NIAA Physical Evaluation Form -please bring form as complete as possible to physical appointment and have physician sign Form D. This form will be good for 2 years from appointment.   If you had a physical last year please fill out Physical Form E and submit to your school.


    -At the end of registration there is an opportunity for you to sign up for your Boosters Pass and additional boosters donations as well as donations to help offset the cost of transportation.  ALL OF THE DONATIONS HERE WILL GO DIRECTLY TO SUPPORT THS ATHLETES