Accelerated Learning Programs & Services

  • TTUSD recognizes that in order to achieve continuous academic progress, some students need extra or more intensive support. Accelerated learners need differentiated curriculum that addresses their unique learning needs through acceleration, novelty, increased depth and complexity of content, flexible instructional grouping practices, social/emotional support, and advanced enrichment opportunities to systematically develop their creative productive capacities.

    TTUSD is proud to share that we have expanded the Accelerated Learning Program and Services offered in our district to provide services for accelerated learners that support their continuous academic progress and healthy social and emotional development.

    Services for accelerated learners require strong systemic support within the district, additional personnel with expertise in gifted education, and sufficient resources.
    All elementary schools and middle schools in the district now have a designated Accelerated Learning Teacher for grades four through eight. These teachers are either regular classroom teachers or intervention teachers who teach a section of accelerated learning during the regular school day.

Accelerated Learner Programs-High Schools

  • Programs and Services available for high school students:

    • Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction within the regular classroom
    • Honors and Advanced Placement Courses
    • Dual Enrollment with Sierra College
    • Leadership, Band, Varsity Sports

Parent Workshops

  • Upcoming Parent Workshops:

    Our parent workshops have concluded for the 2016-2017 school year. Stay tuned for our 2017-2018 schedule.