• SHS - A Model School

    School Profile
    Sierra High School is a unique blend of students, educators, family, community members and support staff who, as role models and mentors, are vested in creating a high quality, nurturing and safe learning environment. Sierra High School is dedicated to providing our students with the education, guidance and support necessary to succeed in all aspects of life.

    Sierra High School endeavors to provide a comprehensive, standards-based education while preparing our students for employment and socially responsible living. Our standards of education include an emphasis on such skills as problem solving, reading, writing, communication, cooperation, collaboration, and technological mastery.  These skills are achieved by utilizing a variety of teaching modes adaptable to different learning styles.  Progress is assessed through authentic measurements including performance-based outcomes.

    Sierra High School is dedicated to providing an environment where students become self-directed and responsible learners.  As self-managers, each student takes responsibility for his or her own performance, choices and actions; each student manages time well; each student deals with changes in the workplace (school) maturely.

    Sierra High School is an empowering learning environment, where students can challenge themselves both personally and socially in a dynamic educational setting. As one of the few alternative resources available to the Tahoe Truckee community, Sierra High School provides individualized and personalized educational, emotional and social developmental opportunities. This increases the likelihood that students, who may otherwise struggle or fail in other more traditional environments, will successfully complete their secondary education.


    Mission Statement
    Our commitment is to provide TTUSD students with an alternative educational option to succeed in meeting all state standards for graduation; to produce young people who can think and learn versus those who memorize facts without internalizing the information; and to ensure that every student is prepared to succeed in post-secondary education and careers.


    Belief Statement
    We are committed to the belief that through education students will discover or rediscover that learning adds quality to their lives.