Volunteer Coach, Driver and Volunteer Parent Guidelines

  • 2023-2024 Volunteer Application Process and Guidelines

    TTUSD Volunteers play a vital role in enhancing our student experience, offering a wonderful opportunity for families and community members to engage, connect with students, support our exceptional teachers, and contribute to building a stronger sense of community. 

    In an effort to simplify our volunteer process, we have made a few changes for the 2023-2024 school year. Here are the key updates: 

    • Fingerprinting for Unsupervised Volunteers can now be done by TTUSD employees at the District Office in Truckee, free of charge. 

    • The TB Risk Assessment can be completed online with no associated costs—special thanks to our nursing staff for managing this process.

    Remember to submit your annual application and required documents at the beginning of the school year to ensure clearance for the current school year. Please note that clearance times for background checks/fingerprints are individual and not governed by our office. Make sure to submit your application and required documents well before the field trip you’re hoping to help with, allowing for the varying Department of Justice clearance timelines. 

    Clearance Levels

    • There are two clearance levels based on the nature of the volunteer work: Supervised and Unsupervised.

      • Supervised Volunteers: These volunteers are under the constant supervision of a TTUSD employee and are not alone with students at any time. This includes roles such as classroom volunteers, office volunteers, field trip volunteers under supervision the entire time, and fundraiser volunteers.

      • Unsupervised Volunteers: These volunteers work with students without direct TTUSD employee supervision. This includes roles like hallway monitors, field trip drivers, field trip volunteers who are responsible for a group of students without staff present at all times, and volunteers working with students outside the classroom.

    • Contact your site principal for guidance if unsure about the appropriate clearance level.

    Clearance Processes

    • Supervised Volunteers: Apply through a simple online District Volunteer Application within the Raptor system, available in English and Español

      • The form requires basic personal information, should take less than 10 minutes, and has no associated fees.

      • Soon after submission, you will be notified of your approval status via email.  

    • Unsupervised Volunteers: Due to the nature of being alone with students, the process to be cleared as an unsupervised volunteer is more robust. As a first-time unsupervised volunteer, complete the Annual Volunteer Clearance Application online through the Informed K-12 system. 

      • A volunteer clearance application must be submitted for each individual school site.

      • Here are a few tips as you fill out the form. 

        • Complete all red boxes in the Volunteer Information section.

        • For the “Supervisor” line, write the site you’re planning to volunteer at.

        • Volunteer Drivers need to attach: 

          • Proof of "Bodily Injury Liability Limit Insurance at a minimum of $100,000/$300,000. 

          • 3 Year Driving Record that can be obtained online at California DMV or Nevada DMV

        • Volunteer Coaches need to attach: 

          • Coach Certifications (CPR, First Aid, Concussion, and Fundamentals of Coaching)

        • Click the “Submit Form” button to route it to the appropriate school site administrator.

        • If you get a pop-up box asking if you’re a site/department administrator, click no.

        • Incomplete Volunteer Applications will be deleted after (30) days

      • Specific instructions for Volunteer Drivers and Coaches are provided below.

    Important Information - Volunteer Driver Clearance

    • Once your application is approved, a TTUSD Human Resources representative will contact you by phone or email with the next steps, including: 

      • A link to schedule a background check/fingerprinting appointment at the TTUSD District Office in Truckee and the approved, associated paperwork. 

      • Access to the TB Risk Assessment form, which can be submitted online. 

    • After the background check and assessment results have been approved, you will receive information on a few required online trainings. 

    Previously Approved Volunteer Drivers - Annual Application 

    • If previously approved, a simplified annual application process is required.

    • Annually, after your initial approval, you’ll need to complete the Volunteer Clearance Application online for each requested school site. Make sure to attach updated versions of: 

      • A 3-year driving record that can be obtained online through the California DMV for $2

      • Proof of "Bodily Injury Liability Limit Insurance at a minimum of $100,000/$300,000

    • Submit the online application to the school site Principal.

    • Volunteers will be notified of clearance once the forms have been approved. 

    • You can view the process of your initiated application anytime in the Informed K-12 platform, which houses the application.  

    TTUSD Employees as Volunteer Drivers:

    • TTUSD staff driving personal vehicles for school events must follow the Volunteer Driver clearance process.

      • Please complete and submit a Volunteer Clearance Application and select Volunteer Driver.

      • Contact your HR Credential Technician with any questions.  

      • TTUSD staff driving district vehicles should contact the school site principal to be placed on the District’s “Pull Program”

    Volunteer Coach Information

    • Contact the school office for additional information on the interview, application, and certification process.

    We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the safety of our students and employees. Your dedication as volunteers greatly contributes to providing a top-quality education for all TTUSD learners. If you have any questions before or during the process, please feel free to contact a TTUSD Human Resources representative.