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We need your input on shifting school start and end times 30 minutes later

Parents and Guardians,

We need your feedback on an important issue - the possibility of later start and end times for schools. A schedule change is being evaluated that would have an impact on all TTUSD families. Before our Board of Education makes any decision on changing schools start and end times, they want to have as much information and feedback as possible. Please take five minutes to complete the survey and share your input! (Click here to take the survey now).

A little background on how we got here and our process:
There is research that shows that adolescents need more sleep, and starting school later may be one factor that could help. Over the past few years, based on this information, our district has looked into the feasibility of changing the school start times across our district for our middle and high schools.

In 2016, TTUSD implemented a collaborative evaluation approach exploring later start times. As part of that process, a wide range of input on the topic was solicited from parents, staff, students, teachers, and administrators. TTUSD evaluated how a change would work, and identified potential downsides or ramifications. TTUSD found they would have to add a significant number of additional bus routes, buses, and drivers and it was not financially viable to make any changes at that time. TTUSD has remained committed to continuing to assess options and opportunities for addressing start times for adolescents.

A new transportation feasibility study focused on changing start and end times was presented to our Board of Education on December 12, 2018. Based on their review of the logistics study, the board took action to start a new process to explore the possibility of later start times for middle and high schools.  

In late December 2018, the district formed the TTUSD Committee to Consider Later Starts for Secondary Schools. The committee is made up of 26 stakeholders - parents, students, teachers, community members, DELAC (District English Language Advisory Committee) representatives, and administrators - who represent a variety of viewpoints. This balanced committee has been tasked with evaluating the potential of changing school start times and ultimately making a recommendation to the board.

After examining the benefits and drawbacks of the options proposed in the district’s transportation feasibility study, the committee has narrowed its focus. The committee is now evaluating shifting the start and end times of all TTUSD schools 30 minutes later. This option has no change in instructional time, no change in bus routes, and does not add additional costs to implement. The committee is at the next step in the process - surveying our stakeholders (parents, guardians, students, and staff members) to determine if there is support for a shift in start and end times.  

The survey closes on February 28, 2019. In March, based on a comprehensive evaluation of the survey results and weighing all input received from our stakeholders, the committee’s next steps and timeline will be identified. This information will be posted on all of the district’s websites, along with any proposals may be brought to the Board of Education.

Thank you for your time!

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