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KBE Staff Picks for Distance Learning Resources

Introducing... KBE Staff Pick! Over the temporary closure, we'll highlight KBE staff online favorite resources.

KBE Staff Pick for Maestra Bossler is Tumblebooks:

This is an online resource available through the Placer County Library. Help support them and their continued support of our community by checking out their online library for kids.


KBE Staff Pick from Ms. D is "The Big Life Journal:"

Ms. D. says, "This is one of my favorite websites for encouraging a growth mindset (never giving up), kindness and positive relationships."

Enjoy KBE Community!


KBE Staff Pick from Mr. Beaudry:

Mr. Beaudry will be updating his website with quick links and other information for his students. Check it out:


KBE Staff Pick from Maestra Otis:

Maestra Otis has numerous resources on her website and will continue to update them over the closure.…/kbereadingintervention/home


KBE Staff Picks from Maestra Holiday:

Maestra Holiday recommends the following sites for sing-a-longs: - free lessons and songs and stories in Spanish! Has great morning openers- morning song, weather song, days of the week! for Spanish and English songs that are super fun and educational!

Happy Learning Español - YouTube
This Youtube channel has both science concept and grammar skill videos in Spanish that are highly engaging and interesting.

Jardín Infantil - You Tube channel with sonidos iniciales, silabas AND a chapter book read aloud posted by chapter "Lemonade War" La Guerra de la Limonada appropriate for K-3.

Risas de la Tierra - Cantos lindos para participar - Fun songs to sing along to!


KBE Staff Pick from Ms. Hart:

Ms. Hart has made a resource for kids to monitor their PE minutes. Did you know that California Education code mandates at least 200 minutes of physical education every 10 school days in grades 1-6? Ms. Hart's chart will help you track those minutes! Have fun!…/1k8ONWJ7vjBfdQknbEUgTm-As4U…/edit…


KBE Staff Pick from Maestra Hedlund is BrainPop:

Maestra Hedlund loves the videos that are available in English and Spanish for various topics found in BrainPop. Check out our KBE Learning Resources to access our free account during the closure.