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Daily Bulletin

Daily Bulletin
Monday December 16, 2019


  • Today is a “B” Day for 6th grade


  • We are on a homeroom schedule today, Tuesday & Wednesday for Olympic preparations. Thursday we will be on a special schedule for Olympic Day!

  • Volleyball tryouts start today at 2:30. Be prepared!

  • Please remember to put away any playground equipment you take out to play with.

  • This week’s Cougar Pride Card winners are Teddy Delianedis from 6th grade, Chloe Peet from 7th grade and Sawyer Mullin from 8th grade. They will be able to get to the front of the line at lunch and at morning break. They will be able to leave 5 minutes early today!

  • Friendly reminder--Throwing snowballs is NOT allowed--EVER. You will have lunch detention! This applies during the ENTIRE day! You are not allowed to Flip, Push or jump on the snow. Please respect any staff members who are giving you directions. 

  • Wellness Riddle of the Day: What is the perfect “size”? Exer-CISE!

Quote of the Day
“Warmth of joy, glow of prosperity, spark of happiness...may you be blessed with all of these and more!”

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