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Daily Bulletin

Daily Bulletin
Monday March 16, 2020

  • Today is an “B” for 6th grade
  • As a reminder to all students, the railings are off limits for sliding down. Please no pushing or shoving. Our spaces are small when the student population is all together. 
  • There will be 10 clovers hidden around the school on St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday March 17th. Find one and bring it to Mrs. Blaylock for a prize! Don’t leave class to search, you can look during morning break or lunch.
  • Please respect the sanitary dispensers in the bathrooms. We want to make sure that they are available when needed. 
  • Attention all track & field athletes: please turn in your letter of intent form to Mrs. Blaylock. You must have all paperwork turned in. Check with the office you are unsure. First day practice is Monday March 23rd.
  • Students: Videotaping other students at school. This would include making Tik-Toks. Phones are not allowed to be out after the first bell rings until the end of the day.
  • St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! Wear as much green as you can on Tuesday March 17th. There will be a competition during both lunches and the person with the most green outfit will win a fun St. Patrick’s day hat!         
  • The YANA group will meet today during 6th grade lunch in room 103. They will meet during 7th & 8th grade lunch in room 510.            

Quote of the Day
Delight in the little things.”
~~Rudyard Kipling


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