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The Straight Scoop on Where We Stand

TTUSD is aware that a fair amount of misinformation is being spread throughout our community regarding the District’s plans for reopening and the safety measures that will be in place before any students and staff return to in-person instruction. 

We want to set the record straight on the important health and safety measures we are planning.

The District is able to open for in-person instruction as we meet the state and local public health metrics for re-opening in a hybrid model where small cohorts of students attend in-person instruction on different days.

The District is required to bargain health and safety issues that impact teachers, so we have made written proposals to our teachers’ union (TTEA) which include all of the following safety measures and many more.  So far, we have not been able to reach an agreement with TTEA but are confident that we will work together to find mutually agreeable solutions and reach an agreement soon.  The safety and well-being of our students and staff remain our highest priority.

Health and Safety measures the District proposes to implement, include but are not limited to:
-Free childcare for TTUSD staff with students enrolled in TTUSD in grades TK-5 will be provided for their children.
- All students and staff will wear face coverings while at school and will practice physical distancing.
-COVID19 surveillance and symptomatic testing for all employees on a regular basis are available and will continue to be available and expanded as we move into the hybrid model.
-All students and staff will be required to conduct self-assessments and screening for COVID-19 symptoms each morning before school and will be directed to stay home if they have any symptoms.
-All individuals shall be required to wash their hands or use medically effective hand sanitizer upon entering district sites and every time a classroom is entered.
-All classroom spaces, restrooms, common spaces, and workspaces will be cleaned and disinfected daily, including but not limited to desks, doorknobs,  light switches, faucets, copy machines, and other high touch fixtures.
-Necessary PPE will be provided to all staff upon return to work.
-HVAC air filters shall be equipped with MERV13 filters everywhere possible to ensure optimum air filtration.
-District staff will assess and monitor individuals that manifest symptoms associated with COVID-19.
-District staff will initiate contact tracing and notification procedures in conjunction with the County Public Health Department and implement quarantine protocols.
-Detailed health screening, notification, and quarantine protocols and procedures have been established. See Updated TTUSD Reopening Guidebook, COVID-19 Flowchart, and Placer County COVID-19 Response Scenarios in a School Setting.
-Teaching staff who are exposed, become ill, or must quarantine due to COVID-19 will receive at least two weeks paid leave without having to use their own sick leave per FFCRA leave.   Specifically, staff will receive two weeks of FFCRA leave, then at least one week of District provided COVID leave before using a portion of their own leave.  After that, they may access additional partially paid FFCRA leave, apply for catastrophic leave, or may be able to use extended sick leave.
-TTUSD has committed to continue to follow Guidance from the CDPH and local county health departments and other government entities related to pandemic health and safety matters.


Teaching in the Hybrid model:

  • Teachers will be provided two days to prepare for instruction, participate in synchronous or asynchronous training, and utilize support by principals, academic coaches, and technology.
  • Teachers will be provided with technology to provide hybrid instruction. The recently completed bond projects provided a classroom media cart with TV and Chromebox, a teacher mobile computer, and a classroom iPad, all of which can be used flexibly depending on instructor needs.