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What You Should Know About School Safety

What you should know about school safety

At TTUSD, safety is our top priority. We remain vigilant with campus safety and security at each of our school sites, and each site has a comprehensive safety plan that they employ. Our schools are getting much-needed upgrades that include safety enhancements, thanks to funding from Measures E and U. Here are a few examples of what we have in place to ensure we are as prepared as possible in the unlikely event of a disaster. 

  • Throughout the school year, we conduct numerous safety drills at each of our schools to ensure we are keeping our students and staff as safe as possible.
  • We have invested in new radio and phone systems to improve our internal communication on campus and across the district.
  • We have reviewed security at each school site over the past few weeks including locking additional doors and to help ensure there is only a single point of entry where possible; parents are reminded they must sign in when visiting school sites.
  • We work closely with local law enforcement - Truckee Police Department and Placer County Sheriff's Office - to enhance safety. We are incredibly fortunate to have two full-time School Resource Officers on campuses as part of our TTUSD team to help ensure our students feel safe and supported and can thrive both emotionally and academically. They are also active in our district safety committees.
  • We will continue to explore additional safety and security changes in collaboration with law enforcement and school safety experts.
  • We have an anonymous crime and bullying reporting system (WeTip) set up so anyone can report crime or bullying at 1-800-78-CRIME or online at You can also access WeTip on our mobile app.
  • Please help us by talking with your students about safety at school and reinforce the idea that if they see something or hear something, it's important that they say something. It is essential that you and your students report any concerns immediately to school officials and/or law enforcement. We investigate every threat even ones that students may think is a joke or prank, and will contact law enforcement every time to investigate.
Over the past year, our district has been seeking opportunities to address armed intruder training for school sites and staff. After a great deal of research, we adopted and implemented a comprehensive training program called ALICE. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. The ALICE training standard takes a departure from the traditional lockdown process that was in place in the District. ALICE embraces active decision making on the part of the staff and older students to address an armed intruder including an active shooter situation or threatening scenario.
At the end of March, we hosted Parent meetings to discuss school safety in more detail and inform parents and community members about our ALICE protocols. We will have the video footage soon from these meetings and will post on our website, so stay tuned.
We take safety very seriously and are committed to providing the safest place possible for students, staff and our community.