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Safety is everyone's job!

When to keep kids home from school:
If a parent is symptomatic - DO NOT SEND A CHILD TO SCHOOL. Students should attend school virtually. 
-If a parent is awaiting results from a COVID test because you're symptomatic, KEEP YOUR KIDS HOME FROM SCHOOL. Students should attend school virtually.
-If a student is sick, please keep students home. They can attend school virtually if they're up to it. 

Is someone in your household positive with COVID or exhibiting symptoms of COVID? Or is someone in your household currently waiting for COVID test results based on symptoms? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, everyone in your family should stay home. Students can attend school virtually. 

Stay Safe to Stay in School
No matter how extensive our safety measures are, we can’t do this without you:

Please put safety first! 

  • Your actions and your family's actions impact everyone.
  • What you do when you’re off-campus, affects the health and safety of those on campus.
  • Don’t let your guard down, always have safety at the forefront of all your activities
  • Do your part to keep the transmission of COVID low
    Shrink your social bubble
  • Mask up!
  • Avoid large gatherings! The holidays are coming up, and while it may be difficult,  this isn’t the year to celebrate in large groups. Stay safe and keep others safe and keep family gatherings small!
  • Wash your hands often throughout the day! 

Lastly, always please stay home if you are sick.

We want to keep our TTUSD community safe and ask all to follow our health and safety protocols on and off-campus. Let’s each do our part and get our county back in the red (or orange!) tier!