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How TTUSD is addressing air quality in Tahoe Truckee

Dear TTUSD Community,

We are so excited to see our students and kick off the 2021-2022 school year together. 

As we prepare for the arrival of students next Tuesday, August 31, 2021, our Tahoe Truckee community is enveloped in heavy smoke which is presenting unhealthy conditions. We have never seen the extreme levels of poor air quality we have seen the last two days and it is affecting our indoor facilities as well as outdoors. It is a serious situation that we are monitoring closely.

We are still working out the details on how our district will address potential unhealthy air conditions during a scheduled school day and as conditions change in the next few days, we will have something more definitive for you by Thursday.

How is TTUSD monitoring the air quality?
Our TTUSD Leadership Team is closely monitoring the air quality conditions based on the smoke from the Dixie Fire and the Caldor Fire. We use and an app, IQAir, to monitor the conditions.

What special considerations are we evaluating?
We are taking into consideration a variety of factors:

  • The AQI outdoors
  • The air quality conditions in our schools vs. what they may be in the homes of our students
  • The air quality in our modulars classrooms
  • Juggling wildfire smoke outside and the risk of the coronavirus inside
  • What our neighboring school districts are doing