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Dear TTUSD community,
Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s parent survey regarding school this fall. 

We had over 1,900 responses, which is incredible and a new record for our district! We appreciate hearing your perspective as we plan for the new school year, still uncertain of what lies ahead. September 1 is still three months away and we are far from making any decisions at this point, but we wanted to gauge how parents were feeling.

We are sharing the key findings from the survey, but we want to be clear. The intent of the survey was not to “take a vote” on how school will look this fall and only offer one option based on the feedback. Safety is our priority while maximizing educational opportunities and growth for our students. We know our current situation is not ideal, and we wanted to find out what parents are thinking and feeling as we consider different educational options for families.

Click here to review a summary of the findings from the survey.  Along with the responses, we had over 630 written responses which we are still reviewing and will take into consideration. Thank you again to all who participated.

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