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COVID testing for students at TTUSD's schools

TTUSD’s COVID testing at schools and FAQs

TTUSD is approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to conduct COVID-19 testing our students. We have certified and launched mini-testing centers at each school site. This new offering and our modified quarantine have significantly reduced the number of students quarantined at a given time and allowed our students to safely remain in school more often. 

In order for a student to participate in TTUSD’s COVID testing, parents are required to read the testing overview document and sign the consent page at the following link. Once it is complete, the student will be registered for testing. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who can receive COVID testing when identified as a close contact to a COVID-positive individual?

A: Students in TK-12 grade who are unvaccinated and determined to be a close contact are eligible for modified quarantine. Modified quarantine is still quarantine, but it allows students to remain at school. One of the requirements for modified quarantine is that students get tested multiple times during a 10 day period (two tests in a one-week period).

If a student arrives at school and develops symptoms during the day the student will be sent home and advised to get tested.

Q: Who will not receive testing?
A: We have specific testing requirements at our school's COVID testing sites. Any student who becomes symptomatic, whether at school or at home, will not be tested. Students who are symptomatic at home should NOT come to school for any reason. Siblings of students who are positive and/or close contact will not be tested. Family members will not be tested. 

Q: My child is vaccinated, do I have to register for testing, and are they required to go through TTUSD testing?
A: No. Students who are vaccinated are not required to go through TTUSD testing. If your child develops symptoms, they will be asked to remain at home and get a PCR test at OptumServe/LHI on Donner Pass Road. 

Q: What test does the district use?
A: The district uses an antigen nasal swab test. The test will be self-administered with supervision and monitoring by the school’s COVID testing lead.

Q: Who administers the test?
A: The test is self-administered by the student. There is training that students will go through to ensure they properly understand the test protocol.

Q: What is involved in the self-administration of the test?
A: Students will be required to take a soft test swab and rub the swab on the inside of each nostril and place the swab inside the test card. Students will be given a tutorial regarding who/what to do with the self-administration test.

Q: Will my child be alone while self-administering the test?
A: No, there will be a COVID testing trained lead at the school who will be supervising all students at all times.

Q: How long does it take to get the test results?
A: The COVID testing lead will have the results within 15 minutes of the test being administered

Q: Does the district offer a saliva option for testing?
A: At this time, there is not a saliva testing option available.

Q: What happens if I do not want my child tested at school?
A: If you choose to not have your child tested, they will need to remain home during the quarantine period. Parents have the option of using OptumServe for tests but understand there is a delay with the testing results.

Q: What happens if my child tests positive with a school test?
A: If a student tests positive with a school’s COVID test, the student will be sent home and recommended to get tested through OptumServe/LHI in Truckee on Donner Pass Rd. They will administer a PCR test. The student will need to follow the isolation guidelines for a positive case.

Q: Do you share my child’s results with others?
A: The district follows all HIPAA guidelines when it comes to student privacy. For any student who tests positive, their results are only shared with the parents/guardians, the school nurse, and the site administrator. All other individuals are not permitted to know their results.

Q: Do I need to provide consent before testing begins?
A: Yes. In order for your child to participate in TTUSD’s COVID testing, parents are required to read the testing overview document and sign the consent page at the following link. Once it is complete, your child will be registered for testing. (note: the link to the consent form will be on the homepage of all school websites and the district’s website.

Q: Who do I go to if I have questions about TTUSD’s COVID testing?
A: If you have questions, please contact your school administrator, school testing lead, or school nurse.