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Distance Learning Restrictions

We have received questions asking why we haven’t implemented distance learning during snow days this year. So, as a reminder, we’d like to provide you with some insight. 

As a public school in California, we are mandated by the state on this topic. During COVID, the CA Dept. of Education passed a bill allowing public school districts to offer distance learning. TTUSD took advantage at the height of the pandemic and during a few snow days. However, the state discontinued that virtual learning option in June 2021. Therefore, it is no longer an option for us to utilize. 

Private schools have more flexibility than public schools, and our neighbors in Washoe County and Reno are governed by Nevada, which may have different rules and laws. 

We are exploring options to provide students with learning resources during snow days in the future and will continue to keep you posted. However, these would not be official school days unless state laws are revised.