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Principal’s Corner: River Day a rich experience for all

Fall on the Yuba River is extraordinary.

Donner Trail Elementary is steeped in environmental education and nestled next to the Yuba River, and we take full advantage of the opportunity to study the river, its riparian environment, and the importance of exposing students to their habitat.

Years ago we created the Yuba River Day, and it's now an annual event that everyone looks forward to at Donner Trail Elementary. Parents play an important role in our River Day and many lead centers and become their son's or daughter's teacher for the day.

This year we had seven stations: native grasses and composting, water pollution and filtration, watershed, bulbs, erosion, aquatic insects and river flow. The day started by assigning all students to multi-age groups as research reveals that learning from one's peer is very effective. The older students enjoy the responsibility of being the older guide and are much more focused at each station. The younger students learn from both the parent-teacher and their older multi-age schoolmates. (Read more...)