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Proposed future school calendars

A school calendar committee made up of parents, TTUSD administrators, teachers, employee association representatives, a board member, and a community member have been hard at work to create proposed school calendars for the next three school years. Students were the focus of all the work conducted by the committee. 

There are four drafted calendars (including two options for one school year). The proposed calendars are for the following school years: 

Proposed 2019-2020
Proposed 2020-2021
Proposed 2021-2022 (draft 1)
Proposed 2021-2022 (draft 2)
(this school year has two drafts that look at different weeks for start dates)

They are links to each calendar for you to view. Please note that all of the proposed school-year calendars include the following:

  • The first day of school is on a Tuesday at the end of August
  • A “fall break” in mid- October (a four-day weekend in October)
  • Parent-Teacher Conference Week in the last week of October (with minimum days for elementary and middle schools)
  • Three days off for Thanksgiving break
  • Two weeks off for winter break
  • The end of the first semester at the end of the second full week in January
  • A four-day weekend in February instead of Ski Skate Week
  • A four day weekend for students in March (with TTUSD staff professional development on Monday)
  • Spring break in the second full week in April
  • Five snow days are built into the calendar (any unused snow days would be deducted from the end of the school year)

One additional note: The calendars include three teacher work days before school starting on Tuesday.

We'd like to hear from you if you have any comments or questions on the proposed calendars, please email by Friday, January 18, 2019.

We'll review your feedback, and post our next steps and timeframe here.